Throughout history, many have classified Guatemalan coffee as unique. The country’s more than 300 microclimates, valleys, lakes, volcanoes, and mineral-rich soils, combined with its proximity to both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, constant rainfall year-round, and the height of its coffee plantations – over 90% of which are located above 1,300 meters above sea level – undoubtedly ensure unmatched characteristics for the cultivation of this product

Discover Guatemalan Coffee, A Treasure In Every Bean​




Our history

Coffee Time’s is a company dedicated to the commercialization of roasted and ground coffee of the highest quality for the North American market; In 2017 the idea of ​​bringing to the United States a unique blend of select coffees made in Guatemala in Alliance with Albussa Export arose, this dream is a reality, they are in charge of making those perfect blends of the varieties that are produced in Guatemala. .

Supporting Farmers: A Direct Link that Transforms Lives

At Coffee Times, we believe in the power of establishing a direct link with coffee farmers, providing them with support and transforming their lives in a meaningful way.

Instead of relying on intermediaries, we work directly with farmers, building strong and lasting relationships. This allows us to understand their needs and challenges, and provide them with the necessary support to thrive in their communities

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