Who We Are?

coffe time´s

Coffe Time’s is a company dedicated to the commercialization of roasted and ground coffee of the highest quality for the North American market; In 2017 the idea arose of bringing to the United States a unique blend of select coffees made in Guatemala in Alliance with Albussa Export, this dream is now a reality. They are done those perfect mixtures of the varieties produced in Guatemala, in its soils rich in minerals, of volcanic origin, in the great and high mountains of that country, conserving nature and the natural beauties that characterize Guatemala, not forgetting its resources for which it is recognized as the country of eternal spring.

Coffe Time’s is committed to the conservation of our natural resources, which is why we take care of offering fair prices to our farmers without intermediaries, so that the fruit of their efforts is sustainable, taking into account that agriculture must cover basic food needs. and textiles of present and future generations and thus maintain the economy of their families without endangering family health and the environment. The sustainable coffee system is an agricultural production system that conserves resources, is environmentally sound and economically viable, creating alternative systems that are more in line with the needs of today’s society, taking into account good agricultural practices that are less aggressive to the environment, and thus that are socially and economically acceptable.

The set of these practices result in that coffee that delights us so much day after day, Coffe Time’s brings to your table a unique and unmistakable coffee with the most exotic and exquisite flavors that characterize them worldwide, Today our product is marketed in most of North America.


Produce, elevate and provide quality of life to our customers through the healthy and accessible supply of High-altitude Coffee of the highest quality, which empowers our roots in this way, taste unique and unmatched flavors with the perfect mix of the different coffee regions of Guatemala and thus contribute to the economic development of the families of our suppliers and their communities.


To plan over time to be a supplier of 100% pure Coffee to our clients and thus take possession of the international market, bring to our clients the flavors of our land through carefully prepared and roasted beans, complying with the highest quality standards. , directly influencing the North American market, expanding throughout the northern hemisphere, and in this way to other continents of the globe.

Our values

Full awareness of each stage, from the origin to the roaster machine.

Create better development scenarios from the beginning, measuring the impact and results for producers and the environment.

Seeking and openly demonstrating the profitability of the producer in all our prices.

Long-term consolidated relationships with producers and collaborators in origin.

The main foundation of our values ​​and the clear determination to generate experiences through continuous learning

 For all the involved and responsible laborious hands throughout the chain, especially producers and roasters.

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