The plantation is the first stage of the production process of our coffee. In it, a natural cycle begins that will see the seeds grow until they become plants that can reach 10 meters in height. The form of the sowing and the management of the crop are fundamental elements for the quality of the grain. 


The harvest occurs annually when the coffee cherries are ripe. There are two different methods of harvesting: picking and stripping. By picking, the most ripe cherries are selected and picked manually, which produces a homogeneous and quality harvest. Stripping is a mechanized process in most cases, in which all the cherries are collected at the same time, so a check is usually carried out later to select the cherries in more detail.

the process

In processing, the pulp of the coffee cherry is removed and dried to transform the harvested coffee into coffee ready for the next stages. It can be done by the wet method or the dry method. Depending on the selected method, the taste of coffee has certain characteristics in its flavor or others. In this post you can find tricks to know if a coffee bean is good.

coffee tasting

The tasting takes place at different times in the process and in very different ways. Its objective is to analyze its quality and flavor.

the ground

Milling reduces the grain to powder through the use of a mill. If the coffee is prepared just after this process, a more intense aroma and flavor is obtained

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